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Academy Location

Participants will have access to fully equipped operating rooms, consultation rooms, and recovery areas, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The facilities are designed to simulate a real surgical setting, allowing participants to practice their skills and techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Biocare Academy Netherlands is known for its commitment to excellence in medical education and training. The academy is equipped with the latest advancements in surgical technology, ensuring that participants receive the highest quality training available. The faculty consists of experienced and highly skilled surgeons who are dedicated to providing comprehensive instruction and guidance throughout the course.


In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities, Biocare Academy Netherlands is conveniently located in a prime location, with easy access to transportation and accommodations. This ensures that participants can focus on their training without any logistical challenges.

Overall, the course location at Biocare Academy Netherlands provides participants with a top-notch learning environment, equipped with the latest surgical equipment and technology, and supported by experienced faculty. Participants can expect a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that will enhance their skills and knowledge in aesthetic surgery.


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