Online Aesthetic Gynecology Surgical

Master Course in Aesthetic Gynecology Surgical: Essentials and Advanced


About Course

(Online Course)

Duration: 2- day

Dates: 16th- 17th of January 2021

Price: €2,200



Cosmetic Gyn Surgery Full Online Training in All Major Procedures, take this course

Please note the price stated for this course includes both Theory and Hands-on Training Session.

Live major surgical demonstration will focus on vaginal surgery primarily.

​​Gyn Basics for Non-Gynecologists:

Pelvic Floor Anatomy, Physiology & Assessment Perform cosmetic Gyn procedures

Triage criteria for gynecologic and urologic assessment


Vaginal Surgery Basics for Non-Vaginal Surgeons:

* Positioning, instrumentation, lighting, retraction, exposure

* Vaginal and vulvar anesthetic techniques for office and O.R.

* Basic vaginal surgery perioperative care


Aesthetic Procedures of the Mons Pubis and Vulva:

* Mons pubis liposuction

* Mons pubis surgical lifting (monsplasty)

* Labia majora surgical reduction

* Labia majora augmentation with fat grafting

* Nonsurgical skin tightening of the labia


Aesthetic Procedures of the Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood:

* Labia minora surgical reduction (labia minoraplasty)

* Clitoral hood surgical reduction (clitoral hood contouring)

* Labia minora and clitoral hood surgical revisions


Aesthetic Procedures of the Vagina:

* Hymenoplasty

* Perineoplasty (introitoplasty)

* Reverse perineoplasty

* Vaginoplasty: primary and revisionary

* Posterior pelvic floor reconstruction and rectocele repairs

* Nonsurgical procedures of the vaginal canal, “g-spot”, etc. (lasers, injectables)