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We are thrilled to present you with a Course Certificate from Biocare Academy, an esteemed member of  The CPD Certification Service. 

This official credential serves as a testament to your successful completion of a course demonstrating your commitment to advancing your skills and knowledge in the field.

With this certificate, you can showcase your dedication to excellence and further enhance your professional profile. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement. 

Please enter your certificate number to check its validation and see other details. 

Our courses are accredited and provide you with comprehensive and robust aesthetic training to ensure your competence and professional development in aesthetic practice.

Biocare Degrees have the privilege of retraining in the Netherlands.

You can see all the Course Certificates you’ve earned on your Accomplishments page.

Certified practitioners also have access to Biocare senior faculty members for follow-up counseling and guidance after all courses.

This Academy-supported advice assures doctors and surgeons that they practice cosmetic medicine and surgery to the highest possible standards and is only available through the Biocare Academy.

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