Online Hair transplantation

This is hands-on training on FUE and FUT hair transplantation using cadaver specimens. In this course you will learn the surgical anatomy and histology of the scalp and follicular unit, types of hair loss, how to have successful consultation, the art and science of hairline design, step-by-step FUE and FUT techniques, enhancing patient experience, managing graft, recipient site, post-operative care, how to avoid and handle complication, other hair transplantation areas, future autograft and how to setup hair transplantation business.


Courses for: doctors, nurses


Duration: 2 days




Course content:

  • Surgical anatomy and histology of the scalp and follicular unit
  • Pathogenesis and classification of hair loss
  • Medical options for hair loss
  • The hair transplant consultation
  • The art and science of hairline design
  • The future autograft/non-surgical approach
  • Energy based therapies
  • PRP, growth factors and stem cells
  • Advanced technologies for extraction andimplantation Non-surgical options for hair growth
  • The ABCs of FUE and FUSS hair transplantation technique
  • Indications andcontraindications
  • Advantages anddisadvantages
  • Equipment and instrumentationrequirements
  • Tumescent localanaesthesia
  • Harvesting follicular units step-by-step
  • Follicular unit strip surgery(FUSS)
  • Follicular unit extraction(FUE)
  • Managing the graft: critical considerations
  • Slivering, trimming, andsorting
  • Storage solutions andspraying
  • Graft calculation andplanning
  • Hair type, direction, andlocation
  • Creating the recipient site for donorFus
  • How to decide on angle and density ofgrafts
  • Long hairgrafting
  • Postoperative considerations to ptimize graft survival omplications in hair transplantation: how to avoid them, how to deal with them
  • Hair transplantation in women
  • Hair restoration in scars
  • Body and Eyebrows FUE
  • Difficult cases: challenges and ones toavoid