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At Biocare Academy, we offer a comprehensive membership program designed to provide ongoing support and benefits to medical professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. Our membership program is open to both surgical and non-surgical practitioners, and offers a range of exclusive benefits to enhance your professional development and success.

Here is an overview of our membership program:


Access to Exclusive Content:

As a member, you will have access to a wealth of exclusive educational content, including webinars, articles, case studies, and research papers. Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field and expand your knowledge base.


Discounts on Courses and Events:

Enjoy special discounts on our surgical and non-surgical courses, workshops, conferences, and other events. Take advantage of these savings to further your education and skills development.


Mentoring and Support:

Benefit from personalized mentoring and support from experienced professionals in the field. Our mentors are here to guide you in your career and provide valuable insights and advice.


Research and Publication Opportunities:

Showcase your expertise and contribute to the field through research and publication opportunities. Members have the chance to collaborate on research projects and present their findings at conferences.


Marketing and Branding Support:

Enhance your professional branding and marketing efforts with our support. Gain access to marketing materials, templates, and guidance to effectively promote your practice and services.


Exclusive Offers and Partnerships:

Enjoy exclusive offers and partnerships with leading industry suppliers and service providers. Take advantage of special discounts on products, equipment, and services that can benefit your practice.


Continuing Education:

Stay compliant with continuing education requirements through our accredited courses and webinars. Earn continuing education credits to maintain your professional certifications and licenses.


Online Discussion Groups:

We facilitate online discussion groups where members can join specific interest groups or communities. These groups allow for focused discussions and networking with professionals who share similar interests or specialties.

Networking is an essential aspect of professional development, and at Biocare Academy, we strive to provide ample opportunities for our members to connect, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships within the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.


By becoming a member of Biocare Academy, you join a community of dedicated professionals committed to excellence in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. Take advantage of the resources, support, and opportunities available to enhance your skills, grow your practice, and make a positive impact in the field.


Join us today and unlock the full potential of your career in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.

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