Online Mesotherapy injection

Mesotherapy injection & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


The changes the skin goes through as a result of ageing (changes in the skin’s structure, loss of elasticity, loss of moisture, thickening of the skin and wrinkles that occur prematurely). Natural signs of ageing in the skin including looseness, wrinkles, dull skin, enlarged pores, bags under the eyes or dark circles and loose skin on the hands. All types of pigmentation spots, Stretch marks, Hair loss, Acne scars, Uneven skin with large pores.


Meostherapy has a strong academic background with evidence-based papers going back to the 1950’s. The most popular ingredients are a combination of various elements such as (plant extracts, homeopathic agents, amino acids, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and other bioactive substances). Singularly or in combination these products are injected intradermally in minute doses.


Mesotherapy gives us the ability to direct the various medicinal substances and nutrients to the appropriate targeted areas, i.e. face, neck, hands and various body parts.
There are many advantages to Mesotherapy. Firstly, due to it being a non-surgical procedure, with little no down time or allergic reactions. With the correct ingredients and protocols Mesotherapy due to its direct delivery can stimulate cell metabolism, increase the production of collagen and promote the body’s circulatory lymphatic and immune systems to create a biological response giving us a younger, firmer and nourished skin.


Our Platelet Rich Plasma training course also known as PRP or the Vampire Facelift will teach you about this innovative and revolutionary approach in tissue regeneration.
Platelet Rich Plasma Training starts with the Blood Draw


For all PRP and Platelet Rich Plasma procedures, blood is required. Depending on the type of injury or location of the injury, the required whole blood amount could vary. It is important to have a final product that optimally provides the quickest and most complete healing cascade. Processing of PRP into either leukocyte poor or leukocyte rich PRP is mandatory by many doctors. Other white blood cells and components of blood have different healing qualities. As we learn more about these protocols and results, RMTI's PRP courses will continue to evolve with the information we collect.


Courses for: doctors, dentists, midwives, nurses, paramedics.


Duration: 1 day

Location: Online



Course content:

  • History of mesotherapy
  • ntroductions and definition
  • Indication aesthetic mesotherapy
  • Depth injection
  • Injection techniques
  • Product pharmacology
  • Contraindications
  • Complications
  • Gun mesotherapy
  • Indications
  • Pre-procedure care
  • Treatment procedure
    a/ Depth
    c/.Injection techniques
  • Hair-loss-Meso
  • Meso-lipolysis
  • High concentration of platelets yielding various healing growth factors:
    a/ Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF)
    b/ Transforming Growth alpha and beta (TGF-α&β)
    c/ Epidermal growth factor (EFG)
    d/ Fibroblast growth factor (FGF)
    f/ insulin Growth Factor/ (IGF)
    g/ Platelet derived angiogenesis factor (PDAF)
  • High concentration of WBC and Phagocytic cells
  • Vasoactive and chemotactic agents