Online Nutrition and diet therapy

Teaching patients about healthy eating is a primary duty, as well as staying aware of developments in medicine and nutrition. However, there is a difference between dietetics and nutrition: dietetics focuses on food management, whereas nutrition focuses on the promotion of health through healthy food.


Courses for: doctors, dentists, midwives, nurses, paramedics.


Duration: 1 day

Location: Online



Course content:

  • Basic definitions
  • The food pyramid
  • Weight Loss Dieting
  • Dieting for lean and obese people
  • Dieting for pregnancy and lactation
  • Diet for patients (diabetic, cardiac, allergic, etc.)
  • Dieting for Athletes
  • Dieting for the Elderly
  • Dieting for Kids and Teens
  • Dieting for vegetarians and vegan
  • Solutions to Fitness
  • Suggested therapeutic approaches in psychotherapy
  • Laser Therapy Suggested Therapies
  • Calculations and formulations