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The Dutch Association of Cosmetics Medicine (NVCC) is a scientific professional association for doctors who specialize in the surgical and non-surgical aspects of cosmetic medicine.

Biocare Academy adheres to the guidelines of the NVCG for all cosmetic and surgery trainings. The association believes it is important to provide honest, objective information about cosmetic trainings and treatments so that you can make the right choice yourself. NVCG specialists can help you make your choice and execute it with the utmost skill so that you look younger and healthier in a responsible and natural way.


The association aims to promote and guarantee the quality and emancipation of cosmetic medicine by promoting knowledge and skills in cosmetic medicine, promoting the education and further training of those working in cosmetic medical practice as well as representing the social interests of its members.


The association tries to achieve its goal by, among other things: promoting contact between the members, including by holding meetings and congresses; setting up appropriate committees; collaborating with other associations and organizations; undertaking activities and any other lawful means that serve the purpose; publishing publications.


The NVCG aims to guarantee and continuously improve the quality of cosmetic treatments:


Providing training for its members


The drafting of quality requirements


The establishment of a complaints committee


Registration of complications

Cosmetic medicine can change lives, and it truly is a wonderful profession. However, it is also a profession with great responsibilities, which means that those who perform it must be highly trained. NVCG doctors must master the latest techniques and be aware of the latest developments. They should be able to support and provide objective information to people considering cosmetic treatments.


All Biocare Academy doctors are also members of the NVCG, which means that you are in safe, capable hands. We guarantee expertise, an aesthetic focused way of working, high-quality treatments with 100% high-quality products, and transparency on every level.

Membership of the NVCG

is the best quality mark for cosmetic doctors.

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