Online Rhinoplasty

Master Course in Rhinoplasty: Essentials and Advanced

About Course:

(Online Course)

Duration: 3-day

Dates: 19th- 20th- 21th of January 2021

Price: €2,600



A global leading institute in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

A comprehensive 3-day online training using live patient in Rhinoplasty.

Please note the price stated for this course includes both Theory and Hands-on Training Session.

Master a wide range of critical techniques that would also include dorsal profile alignment, Septoplasty, tip surgery, revision and more for you an acquire all you need for your Rhinoplasty practice.


* Surgical nasal anatomy and proportion

* Preparation & preoperative evaluation

* Functional disorder

* Open approach step-by-step

* Open & close approaches: comparison Septoplasty

* The bony framework & bony-cartilaginous deviations

* The deviated nose Osteotomies and Piezo Technique Surgery of the Nasal Dorsum

* Handling of Grafts

* Middle Vault & Nasal Valve

* Droopy Nasal Tip

* Overprojected Nasal Tip

* Tip Suture Techniques

* Polly beak Deformity

* Thick Nasal Skin

* Surgery of the Nasal Base

* Transplants and Implants – Comparison

* Revision Rhinoplasty

* Surgical Training – Basic

* Surgical Training – Advanced (includes Piezo surgery, handling of ear concha grafts, rib grafts, diced cartilage, endonasal techniques, and more)

* Weight Practical Assessment

* Biocare Academy Certified