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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated 01/02/2024

1.1. This document contains the terms and conditions that apply to all continuing education, courses, trainings and symposia, offered by Biocare Academy B.V. (hereafter Biocare).

2.1.Registration for training takes place by going through the registration procedure on Biocare’s website:

2.2. By accepting these terms and conditions, the participant declares to have permission from his/her supervisor (if applicable).

2.3. After registering for a training, the participant will receive a digital confirmation of registration at the email address provided by the participant. Before the start of the training, the participant will receive timely confirmation of registration with details of location, program and any preparation and educational materials. In case of an online training the participant will receive login details for the digital learning environment.

2.4. If a desired training is fully booked, this will be visible on the website for the chosen training. If possible, an alternative will be offered.

2.5. Registration for a training course is possible up to 4 weeks before the start of a training course.

3.1. The costs of a course (including materials) are listed on the website under the relevant course.

3.2. The costs of a training will be invoiced to the participant immediately befor the start of the training. If the payment term is exceeded, the participant is legally in default. Biocare is then entitled to charge statutory interest and collection costs.

3.3. All training costs are exclusive of VAT. Which will be charged separately.

4.1. Training will be carried out as far as possible in accordance with the description in the training program.

4.2. The training program will mention if accreditation has been given by a professional association.

4.3. Biocare reserves the right to make changes to the schedule and/or times of the training without giving reasons. This implies that Biocare reserves the right to adjust the training, shorten it, merge it with another training, have it provided by other teachers, interrupt it, or change it in any other way.

4.4. Upon completion of a training course participants will receive a (digital) certificate, or a certificate by email.

5.1. All intellectual property rights relating to training materials, supplementary documentation and all other (digital) documents, videos, materials, and information used and/or provided by Biocare in the context of a training course belong to Biocare, unless otherwise agreed upon with a client in the case of a specific assignment.

5.2. If a training course is offered in “blended” form, the participant will be granted the right to use Biocare’s digital learning environment for the duration of the training course. This right of use is not transferable, and the participant is not allowed to make digital educational resources available to third parties in any way whatsoever.

5.3. Participants are not permitted to duplicate, publish, or distribute the above-mentioned materials in any form whatsoever. Use of the training materials is for personal use to achieve the objectives of the training.

6.1. Cancellation of a training is possible up to 4 weeks before the start of the training. Only administrative costs of € 50 will be charged.

6.2. If a cancellation of a training takes place 4 – 2 weeks prior to a training, 50% of the training fee will be invoiced to the participant.

6.3. If cancellation of a training course takes place within 2 weeks prior to the training, the full training fee will be invoiced.

6.4. Cancellation of a training can only be done in writing/by email to the trainer/organizer of the training as mentioned on the Biocare website.

7.1. If Biocare is forced to cancel or postpone the training (in whole or in part), participants will be notified as soon as possible. Biocare will make every reasonable effort to complete the training or to provide it at a later date.

7.2. If the costs for training have been paid by the participant and it is not possible to offer the training at a different time, then the participant will receive a refund.

8.1. Biocare will handle the participant’s personal data with care. Biocare will only use this information in the context of the training or to draw the participant’s attention to other trainings.

9.1. Biocare puts together the training courses with great care and takes the utmost care with the training materials it uses. Nevertheless, errors and imperfections cannot be entirely excluded. Neither Biocare nor any third party it engages is liable for such errors or inadequacies.

9.2. The total liability of Biocare for attributable failure to perform its obligations is limited to compensation for direct damage up to a maximum amount equal to the agreed costs for the training course concerned.

9.3. Liability of Biocare for indirect damages, including consequential damages, trading losses, lost profits or missed savings is excluded.

9.4. The participant indemnifies Biocare against all claims of third parties in relation to training.

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